We are Hempvada.

Hempvada is a fully licensed consumer focused Hemp & CBD Organization based in the beautiful City of Monte Vista, Colorado. Our methodology is to focus wholeheartedly on the quality and experience our customers love and expect from an affordable high quality brand. We’re capable of doing this by having absolute control of all processes from seed to bottle.

As a relatively small “family” operated Hemp & CBD company based in the "Silicon Valley of Hemp", with our roots stretching from deep within the Emerald Triangle. We know the Cannabis plant like the back of our hands! We grew up with hemp and her close cousin marijuana all around us, family members and the parents of friends all “bringing home the bacon” based off of this one amazing plant. Truthfully, the cannabis market was all that held our little Mendocino County community together back then. As the years progressed, cannabis and hemp slowly made its way to the main stage and we couldn’t have been more excited! Hempvada wasn't formed for the obvious reasons of pursuing the American Dream, it was formed to promote the amazing opportunities that Cannabinoids are opening up for physical and mental health treatments.

We’ve known for years about most of the benefits associated with cannabinoids (having used them ourselves.) Now, scientific studies have shown that cannabinoids literally run through our blood while enhancing our lives and daily routines. Without further ado, we thank you for joining us on this journey and we're proud to present you with Hempvada.

Enjoy the Hempvada Difference

The Hempvada Brand is owned and manufactured by Beebe Family Farm LLC